Dress Your Breasts: Vanity Sizing

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I started this blog largely because I found it so darn hard to dress my figure, and I found very very little help out there. A large bust seems to stymie even the most creative stylists. So after months of thought and research, I’ve come up with a few tips I wanted to share here as a series.

Tip #1 for dressing large breasts: Abandon all vanity about the size you wear.

Nobody but you will know what size dress you’re wearing, so it doesn’t make much sense to cram yourself into a smaller dress just to know you did it. Even if the dress is bigger, you’ll look way better just by wearing something that doesn’t squeeze you till you pop.

And of course, the actual size of something varies wildly from one manufacturer to the next, and you can times that by ten when you factor in breasts. Some designers don’t seem to think they exist and the only way you can fit them is by going way way up in size. But, again, who’s gonna know?

This brown print shirt dress? XXL.

This cowl necked tank? Medium

This gray sweater? Not just XXL, but XXL – MATERNITY.

By now I’ve tried on so many things that I can tell what size I need just by looking at it, but until you get a feel for what works for you, don’t be afraid to try on all kinds of different sizes. And especially if you’re thrifting or shopping sales racks – try it on. What actually works for you might surprise you.