Dress Your Breasts: Maternity Clothes

The latest installment in our ongoing series:

Tip #2: Experiment with maternity clothes.

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I can hear you now, “But Tresa! Maternity clothes will only emphasize my not-flat stomach! I don’t want to look pregnant! Why would I wear maternity clothes?”

Because maternity clothes make room for breasts. Women who never have to worry about dressing curves suddenly sprout curves all over when they’re pregnant, and maternity clothes appreciate that. So when you’re not pregnant, but still have curves to dress, maternity clothes can be your best friend.

Of course, there is a right way and a wrong way to wear them. That picture up above? WRONG. Maternity blouses often come with ties or belts that separate the breasts from the belly. Why, I don’t know. But they all do. But look at the magic that happens when you cut those ties off?

Boom. From not-pregnant woman to take charge business gal. Get rid of those boob ties, tuck in that shirt, and suddenly a maternity shirt becomes your best friend. A silky, professional looking blouse that is roomy enough for large breasts and has no buttons to gape open on you.

Wanna see the magic again?

Oh, my back hurts.

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Oh, how cute.

Those boob ties emphasize the belly, which I guess was cute when I was proudly pregnant, but isn’t so cute now that that belly is just soft stretched out skin. But without the boob ties I’m left with a great top that is roomy enough to fit my breasts, without just being big on me all over.