Spring Flowers





This Spring is acting much more like our Winter as it’s raining again as I type this. We got a few days of sun over the weekend, and we made good use of it with park time and Sonic Creamslushes. And I pulled out a flouncy floral skirt to relish the good weather before it disappeared behind rain clouds again.

I don’t often wear this style of skirt. I usually stick to pencil skirts or things that hug a little closer. I always heard that full skirts are not for top-heavy women so I don’t just look wide all over. But in my quest to prove that all the “rules” for dressing for your body type are a load of bunk, I gave myself the challenge. And I felt great in it. Once you abandon the thought that there is only one appropriate way for your body to look, clothes become a whole lot more fun.

Shoes: Payless
Skirt: Old Navy
Shirt: Target
Jacket: Old Navy
Bracelets: Cost Plus Imports
Necklace: Vintage