Temperature Layers





Every day this week, at around 1:30, I began regretting my clothing choices. The morning starts off cool, and then the sun comes along, burns off the clouds and I’m sweating in my cute little jackets. I’m trying to get creative with my layers so that they are easier and easier to shed, which actually is more complicated than you think when you’re dressing large breasts. I nearly always have to wear a T-shirt underneath my actual shirt just to keep things as covered as I want to be, but that means if I shed layers I’ll just be wearing things I’m using as, essentially, underwear.

When I found this shirt at Old Navy I bought one in every version they had. It’s interesting enough to wear by itself, and it actually manages to be a loose and yet flattering T-shirt. On those days when it starts cool I can top it with a spring weight scarf, and then shed that as the sun heats us up, but I won’t have to worry about being embarrassed by whatever I’ve got on underneath when I get so hot I’m desperate enough to show it to the world.

Shoes: Target
Pants: Levi’s via Thrift store
Shirt: Old Navy
Scarf: Etsy
Bracelet: Target
Earrings: Target