How to Dress Your Breasts: When Your Shirt is Too Tight

When Your Shirt is too tight

The bane of every busty girl: The button down shirt. I really start to mourn it this time of year, when I want a light cotton to wear to beat the heat, but can’t find anything that doesn’t strain. I have some ideas coming up about how to solve the gap problem, but if your shirt is too tight to button but fits you everywhere else, do you get rid of it? No way! You can still do so much with that top!



Wear an undershirt and button it up to just below your boobs. It’s super flattering as it defines your shape.



Wear it like a cardigan. It’s a great layering option for unpredictable weather or when you want to look put together without a lot of extra warmth.



Use it as a layering piece. Cute top and a blazer? Adorable. Cute top, blazer, and contrasting button down? Fashion maven.



Wear it underneath a vest. The fact that it’s unbuttoned under there is my little secret.



Leave it open and belt it. Show off that va va va voom.

Sometimes a too tight shirt can work in your favor. Being snug on your arms and around your middle can highlight your curves even more. And it offers you a ton of dressing options to keep things from getting predictable. Who says buttons need to be buttoned anyway?