Fake out peplum





The peplum trend is everywhere right now, and it’s a trend that I’ve never been a real fan of. On some women it looks amazing, but on others it’s the least flattering thing they can wear. I’m more of the second type of woman. I carry all my weight in my stomach, so I don’t really need to put a big shelf around it.

But, one of the ways you avoid looking like somebody’s mother instead of yourself is by keeping up with the trends. So I want to nod to the current style in a way that works for me. This tunic is loose around the hem, so once I belt it with a knotted shirt, it gives the effect of a peplum, without being so¬†ostentatious that the spot I’m most self conscious of is framed with neon arrows.

Once you pass 30 I think you have to be careful with trends. If you follow them you’ll look hip, but if you are a slave to them you’ll look like a pathetic woman chasing her youth. The trick is to balance the trend with what actually looks good on you.

Shoes: Payless
Jeans: DD’s Discounts
Tunic: Forever 21
Shirt: Target
Necklace: Forever 21