Dancing my heart out






Whenever I wear these shoes, I feel like a tap dancer. Like I’m a hoofer who’s going to audition for the Rockettes. I have no idea why, they’re not louder than average and the wedge heels aren’t anything a tap dancer would wear. I guess it’s just the T-strap. We don’t see those much anymore except on people who need to make sure that their shoes stay on their feet despite being shaken all around. I’ll have to take advantage of that little feature.

Shoes: Target
Leggings: Wet Seal
Skirt: I made it
Shirt: Wet Seal
Coat: Vintage
Necklace: I made it






We have had a very rainy winter here, and it’s getting to me. Winter is hard on everyone with depression and this wet gloom has crossed over from the rain I love and makes me feel cozy, to the kind that feels oppressive. I feel emotionally rumpled, so I am not up to an iron. My clothes match my mood. Unwrinkled clothes are overrated anyway, it just means you don’t move.

Shoes and skirt: Thrifted
Shirt: Sears
Necklaces: I made them
Hat: Target

Fur vest






Last year all of my favorite fashion bloggers were layering their fall and winter clothes with fur vests. It was the very cutest thing ever, but when I went to the stores I couldn’t bear to spend that kind of money on something I’d only get to wear a few times a year. So this year as the weather started to cool, I went right out to my fabric store to make one all by myself. I didn’t use a pattern and you won’t need one either. I’ve made you a nice little video explaining it all step by step. Instructions at the link!

Shoes: DD’s Discounts
Pants: DD’s Discounts
Shirt: Target
Vest: I made it, and you can too! Instructions here!

Houndstooth Forever





I have become completely obsessed with houndstooth. As I was picking out clothes this week, I had to make a conscious effort to limit my houndstooth consumption so that I didn’t end up wearing it everyday. Between my signature color in teal and now my houndstooth, it’s possible that every outfit I wear will soon be a variation of this one.

Shoes: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Shirt: Shades
Blouse: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: I made it

Girl Scout Army





I picked this jacket up at a military surplus store and back when I didn’t care about looking nice I wore it all the time. Once I grew out of that it spent the next decade languishing at the back of my closet.  I’ve only worn it twice and already I’ve been stopped and complimented on it four times. Quite a nice change from a sad souvenir  from my grungy days.

I’ve got the tutorial for this jacket up at my Reese Dixon blog. Come check it out!

Shoes: Madden Girl via Marshalls
Jeans: Target
Shirt: Old Navy
Jacket: Military Surplus and then refashioned by me.

Boots and a pickup truck





I am a total city girl, but I have country aspirations. For now I’m going to have to settle for posing in front of my neighbor’s gorgeous old pick-up truck in a pair of stiletto boots, but someday I’ll have a farm and I’ll drive a pickup through my orchard with my big dumb dog beside me. Unless I buy a loft in the city. Either or.

Shoes: DD’s Discounts
Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Bracelets and Necklace: I made them
Earrings Target