Faux Leather





I have spent half my life looking for the perfect pair of leather pants or a fabulous leather skirt. I think I can say they just don’t exist. The leather looks puffy, or the fit is off, or it costs more than your car. What I have found is the joy of a treated fabric. This skirt is a flannel that’s been treated with something that makes it look like leather. It’s not enough to fool anybody up close, but it’s enough to give that bad girl feel at both a pricetag I’m comfortable with, as well as an actual comfort level I’m comfortable with. Have you ever worn leather pants? Let’s just say there’s not a lot of air in there.

Shoes: Target
Skirt: Thrifted and Refashioned
Sweater: Forever 21
Purse: a gift

Mod Squad





Do you feel weird about buying shoes from a thrift store? As a life long thrifter it’s something I’ve gotten over, but people often wrinkle their noses at me when I mention it. These ones were brand new, donated from Target when they didn’t sell at the end of the season, so it’s like getting clearance shoes for a few bucks. Best possible scenario.

The sleeves on this tunic are so deliciously sixties that I decided to embrace it all the way and go full on mod with my hat and earrings. It’s like I’m a very curvy twiggy.

Shoes: Target via Thrift Store
Leggings: Target
Dress: Thrifted
Hat: Urban Outfitters
Earrings: Target
Necklace: I made it.

Smart jacket






This smart little jacket actually came with this matching dress, handsewn by my mystery thrift donater. I regularly come across home sewn items in my size donated to my favorite thrift stores, and I can’t imagine there are that many people here in Modesto with my taste and size that sew their own clothes. I’m grateful for this woman as she has gifted me with some of my favorite ever finds. This one is perfect to throw on top of jeans and a T-shirt and make the whole outfit look like I tried. That’s how easy it is to dress fashionably, it just takes a patterned jacket.

Shoes: Payless
Pants: Target
T-Shirt: Old Navy
Jacket: Thrifted
Bracelet: craft store
Necklace: I made it.

Lacy Legs





Lace tights

Fall is teasing me right now. One day it rains and the weather is freezing and the next it’s sweltering hot. I am so eager for fall – the clothes! My favorites! – that the merest hint of a chill has me pulling on the layers. And then regretting it. This is exactly the kind of weather that was made for a confused temperature outfit – short skirt and a sweater, shorts and a scarf, short sleeves and boots. By noon I may have been sorry about the sweater, but my legs were nice and cool.

Shoes: Payless
Tights: JC Penny
Skirt: I made it
Sweater: Target
Necklace: Etsy






It’s raining here today so it’s a good thing I had pictures left over from yesterday, that I didn’t get to post because yesterday fell to pieces, as did the day before that and the day before that. It’s a good thing this rainstorm came in, because nothing gets me to tear up the to-do list like a rainstorm. I’m going to go hibernate for the rest of the night and maybe tomorrow will go as planned.

Shoes: Target
Skirt: I made it
Shirt: Heavenly Couture
T-shirt: Shades
Pendant Necklace: Target
Horseshoe Necklace: Forever 21

Blue Steel





Sometimes I don’t know quite what to do with myself in front of the camera. So I goof around, and then I get giggly laughing at what a dork I am, and I hope that somewhere in there is a picture that doesn’t make me look like a dummy. I don’t always succeed. Taking daily pictures of yourself can be rough. But when I get nervous or self-critical I just repeat like a mantra: “Be the change. Be the change. Be the change.”

Be the change you want to see in the world. That’s what Ghandi said. So I have to get over myself, look like a dork sometimes, learn to ignore the parts about my body I don’t like, and put it out there. I want to look at women who look like me. So I better start with me. Right?

Deep breath. Be the change be the change be the change.

Shoes: Marshalls
Skirt: I made it, and the pattern is free from Burda Style!
Shirt: TJ Maxx
Necklace: Etsy