Cropped Sweaters





The cropped shirt trend is one I was really really hoping wouldn’t catch on. I don’t know that I know a single person who enjoys having their midriff exposed. It’s like next season their going to put out pants with big cutouts right around the saddlebag area.  Let’s show off your most self-conscious area! Wheeeee!

Cropped shirts are particularly hostile to anyone who has carried a baby. Not only do we get to be self-conscious about how big or small our stomach is, but we also get to stress about stretched out skin, scars, and stretchmarks. It’s like the fashion designers are doing everything in their power to tell us moms that we are past our fashionable years.

This sweater was a great find (and cheap! Clearance mojo wins again!). It plays with the cropped trend, but since it’s sheer it looks right that I wear a shirt underneath it. Sometimes our attempts at covering up can draw more attention than if we just went without (and if you’re friends with Mormon girls who wear T-shirts under all their dresses than  you know what I’m talking about), but this actually looks like I’m wearing it the way it was intended to be worn, without flashing any bits I’d rather keep to myself.

Shoes: Target
Skirt: Target
T-shirt: Shades
Sweater: Cotton On
Necklace: I made it
Bracelets: I made two of them, the blue one is from Cotton On

Back in the day





When I was a kid, the coolest piece of clothing I owned was a pink paisley calf length jumpsuit. But the second coolest thing I owned was a pair of black leggings that came attached to a short black skirt. For some reason they don’t make such things in grown up lady sizes so I had to copy it all by myself. This skirt is a little short and a little full to wear all by itself without flashing my britches, so a pair of leggings comes in handy to keep me covered while I’m bending over to pick up Atti. Back in the day my leggings kept my panties covered on the monkey bars, now they keep me covered when I’m crawling around on all fours picking up toys. Maybe I need to go to the park to remember what fun used to feel like.

Shoes: Payless
Leggings: Target
Skirt: Forever 21
T-shirt: Shades
Shirt: H&M
Necklace: I made it
Sunglasses: Ross

Sweet as apple pie

Polkadot Cardigan, Striped Skirt

Polkadot Cardigan, Striped Skirt

Polkadot Cardigan, Striped Skirt

Polkadot Cardigan, Striped Skirt

I’m not exactly the twin sets and pearls type. I’m more the black boots and pearls type. But every once in a while it’s fun to dress up and pretend I’ve led a very different life. A life full of doubles tennis and days at the club. Or hoping the cute quarterback would take my books and walk me home from school. Or that my name was something like Mitzi or Buffy. Actually, if my name was Buffy, I’d be the vampire slaying kind.

Shoes: Payless
Skirt: Target
T-shirt: Shades
Cardigan: Target
Necklace: I made it

A dress and a meltdown





Do I look happy in these pictures? Because I was not happy. Atti was just off to the side of the camera, screaming his fool head off. He was in his wheelchair rolling around and just snapped. He’s normally such a trooper, but I guess I asked to much. He hit the wall. Which means that these are not the most flattering pictures I’ve ever taken. It’s a good thing the dress is so comfortable. A good jersey dress can get you though an awful lot.

Shoes: Thrifted
Dress: Target
Earrings: I made them
Bracelet: I made it

Miami Inspired





I don’t know if you can say I’ve been to Florida since I’ve only ever done the Disney version. My impression of Florida is basically informed by Disney World and The Golden Girls. But when I saw this blouse on the clearance rack at Target, I felt transported. I brought this outfit on my trip to Utah last month, and that’s when I found those shoes. Also on clearance. It’s like I was uniting long lost lovers.

Shoes: Love Couture
Skirt: I made it
Blouse: Target
Bracelet: I made it

Disability T-Shirt





The folks at asked me to design a T-shirt and I knew immediately what I wanted to do. I’m not normally much of a T-shirt kinda gal, but for my little guy? I’ll make an exception.

Shoes: Target
Pants: Old Navy